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5 Simple Ways to Refresh your Home for Spring…

Friday 24th May 2019

1.) Update your Textiles. Cushions, throws and curtains are a quick and effective way to update your interior. For spring/summer it is a good idea to choose lighter fabrics such as linen or cotton, velvet and tweed are great for autumn/winter but a little heavy for this time of year. Pick a colour theme that adds life and vibrancy to your space and plan all your textiles around this theme.


2.) Re-arrange your Furniture. This is a really effective way to change up your space. Our homes can often become a little boring over time, as we get so used to the layout that we stop taking any notice of it. Draw out a floor plan to determine where your furniture will fit and play around with the layout. It’s also a great way to see if you need anything new. A new table or lamp might fit in perfectly and complete your new arrangement.


3.) Add some Colour. Flowers and foliage (faux or real) are a fantastic way to inject colour and life in to your space. Why not add a new statement piece? An accent chair or a console table are fun and functional ways to bring colour in to a room.


4.) Invest in New Art. Art can inject interest in to any space. Choose something that you really love looking at and that incorporates colours from your ‘Spring Theme’. Invest in framed pieces that you can hang up and enjoy straight away (don’t leave them propped up against a wall for months after purchase!). Choosing wall art is great fun, and you’ll be surprised what catches your eye! We carry a wide range of wall art in store and can help you find a piece that completes your space.

framed wall print

5.) Freshen up your Bedding. Treat yourself to a new set of bed linen in a light and airy fabric. Store away your heavy tog duvet in favour of a lighter one. Opt for light/ bright fabrics that brighten the room and bring the outside in. We carry a wide range of mattresses and bedding, browse the pieces that tie in with your theme in store.


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